Outline Color Series

An apartment-decor-idea-turned-side-project, I began accepting commissions for drawings in this style. I'm happy to say my work now hangs in the homes of many—I've highlighted a few of my favorites below:

5 O'Clock Swimwear Collaboration

I partnered with the sustainable swimwear brand 5 O'Clock Swim to create assets for their Instagram, increasing engagement and promoting their new swimsuits.

GEN-ZiNE Illustrations

As a designer and illustrator for GEN-ZiNE, a publication dedicated to addressing contemporary issues through the eyes of Generation Z, I work with writers and other creators to produce illustrations for the articles.

Guinea Pig Card

I created this card as part of a collection of notes to give as a gift. We were tasked with designing a card that represented who we were, so I wanted it to reflect my style and sense of humor.

guinea pigs.png

Miscellaneous Illustrations

Showcasing the variety of styles and ideas I've created over the years.